Create Your Own Gadget Skins

Create Your Own Gadget Skins


When you couple this DIY age we live in with the desire to personalize everything we own, the idea behind GelaSkins seems to make a lot sense. The folks behind this concept tell us, “You have files and frames full of your best photos, but what else can you do with your favorite shots? Instead of filing them away, upload your best work to decorate your mobile tech.”

Thus – introducing GelaSkins, the Do-It-Yourself Service ( that allows users to upload personal photos, designs and artwork to decorate your mobile devices.

The site allows users to custom designs items such as iPhones, Blackberry, Kindle, laptops, gaming devices and digital cameras. To create a DIY GelaSkins design, simply visit, choose the device, upload the image from your collection, layout it out and preview your work of art. All GelaSkins vinyl protective covers are removable using patented 3M adhesive, which prevents air bubbles from forming and allows for easy application.

“Show off your best work on your mobile tech with GelaSkins DIY customized mobile covers,” they explain.