Lucie Impact Award Winners

Lucie Impact Award Winners

Claudio Travelli (61), a Covid-19 patient, is resting in his bed after being seen by the IRC volunteers. © Fabio Bucciarelli, the New York Times

Los Angeles, CA—The Lucie Foundation announced their latest Lucie Impact Award honorees. Fabio Bucciarelli received the Lucie Professional Impact Award for his coverage of Covid-19’s first wave in Italy (New York Times, We Take the Dead From Morning Till Night).

In addition, Malike Sidibe received the Lucie Emerging Impact Award for his photography of the George Floyd protests in New York City (Time magazine, “I Couldn’t Just Sit and Watch.”

The Lucie Impact Awards are given to photographers whose work has made a substantial impact during the year.

Lucie Impact Award Honorees

Fabio Bucciarelli: Lucie Professional Impact Award
Lucie Impact Awards Fabio-Bucciarelli-by-Mike-Kamber
Fabio Bucciarelli © Mike Kamber

 A photographer, journalist and author, Fabio Bucciarelli documents conflicts and humanitarian consequences of war. Moreover, he has spent the last decade covering the world’s major changing events. In addition, he creates images that reflect his commitment and empathy with the story. Bucciarelli provides information focused on human rights.

Further, Bucciarelli is a frequent contributor to the New York Times. In his career he has also worked for many leading publications. They include Time, the BBC, L’Espresso, CNN, Al Jazeera, Paris Match, M Le Monde, El Pais, Internazionale, La Stampa, Il Fatto Quotidiano and La Repubblica.

What’s more, Bucciarelli is the recipient of some of his profession’s most prestigious awards: the Robert Capa Gold Medal; Perpignan’s Visa D’Or News; POYi Photographer of the Year; Bayeux-Calvados for War Correspondence; World Press Photo; Days Japan International; and Sony International Photography awards. Furthermore, his photographs are exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals worldwide.

Malike Sidibe Lucie Emerging Impact Award
Malike Sidibe © Bjorn Wallander

 Born in Man, Cote d’Ivoire, Malike Sidibe moved to Guinea when he was three. He fell in love with photography at age 12 when his father gave him his first camera. He moved to New York City in 2010 at the age of 13. Starting out as a menswear design major, he attended fashion classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology; there he discovered he enjoyed taking pictures of the clothing more than designing them. In 2013, Malike joined a nonprofit after-school program called NYC SALT, where he discovered photography is his true passion.

Malike’s work is a reflection of his creative nature; his inspiration is drawn by the people he meets as well as the places he has lived. He produces innovative portraits and images full of spirit and color. Moreover, Malike is dedicated to creating timeless images.

In addition, his clients include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Time, The New York Times Magazine, Elle Decor, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, The New Yorker, New York magazine, Instagram, Business Week, Nike, Nikon and Footlocker.

Near Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on May 29, 2020, four days after George Floyd’s death.     © Malike Sidibe, Time magazine

The Lucie Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization with a three-tiered mission: to honor master photographers; discover and cultivate emerging talent; and also promote the appreciation of photography worldwide. The Lucie Foundation presents a variety of programs throughout the year, including its signature program, the Lucie Awards.