Polaroid Originals Merges and Rebrands as Polaroid

Polaroid Originals Merges and Rebrands as Polaroid


New York, NY—Today is the next step in Polaroid’s 82-year journey. In 2017, on the 80th anniversary of the founding of Polaroid by Edwin Land, the Polaroid Originals brand launched. The new Polaroid company was largely based on the principles of its predecessor, the Impossible Project. Now, Polaroid Originals and Polaroid are one, branded as simply Polaroid.

“From the Impossible Project to Polaroid Originals, we are returning to where it all began. With one name, one brand: Polaroid,” the management of the former Polaroid Originals announced. Polaroid-Logo-New-3-2020- Polaroid OriginalsFrom here on, consumers will see fresh packaging on the shelves as well as a new logo that reclaims the Polaroid Color Spectrum. Moreover, the new logo is a celebration of the company’s heritage.

“By bringing all our products together under the one name and the one look, we are making it clearer to everyone that we are one Polaroid from this point onwards,” the company added. “Our look will change, but what we stand for doesn’t. Analog instant photography remains the heartbeat of what we do. We will continue to create products that bring people together in human and meaningful ways through considered content, product innovation, and the way we do business. A mission that is incredibly important, especially now.”

The Evolution of Polaroid Original

On the 80th anniversary of the founding of Polaroid by Edwin Land, the Polaroid Originals brand launched in 2017. A new brand from Polaroid, it had a strong commitment to analog photography and the spirit it represents. The new company was forged from the Impossible Project, which completed its mission after nine years. Although the Impossible brand ceased, much of its team transferred over to Polaroid Originals.

The Impossible Project rose to prominence in 2008, when it bought the last factory in the world manufacturing Polaroid film. Its mission was to serve those with a genuine love for analog instant photography as well as classic Polaroid cameras.

“Polaroid Originals represents the relaunch of original-format Polaroid analog instant photography, which the Impossible Project has kept alive and nurtured since 2008,” announced the CEO of Polaroid Originals, Oskar Smolokowski, at its launch. “The Impossible Project could not be completing its journey in any better way than by connecting Polaroid back to the business that made it a universally loved icon.”

The company’s refreshed website is located at polaroid.com.