Digital Imaging Reporter Relaunches Website

Digital Imaging Reporter Relaunches Website


Woodbury, NY—Digital Imaging Reporter magazine, the leading source of news in the imaging industry, announced the relaunch of its news website,

“We’re pleased to offer the imaging industry a more streamlined website for delivery of imaging industry news,” said Jerry Grossman, co-owner and editor in chief of Digital Imaging Reporter magazine. “With so much information cluttering e-mail accounts and twitter feeds on a daily basis, we thought it would be helpful to the industry to offer a destination where information can be easily tapped into and shared.”

The new website’s clean, organized approach will make searching for industry news easy and convenient. Drop-down menus are designed with today’s designations, where visitors can easily find detailed articles in the Products section on DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, Kiosks, Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories and more with one click.

DIReporter-Homepage Home Page

Similarly, there are drop downs for Industry News (Corporate News, Associations, People, Research, Retailing and Marketing) and individual columnists. There is also a section that makes Digital Imaging Reporter’s “Special Reports” easily accessible, including the Dealer of the Year, Retailers’ Choice Awards and State of the Industry special editions.

An electronic flipbook version of the current issue of Digital Imaging Reporter is also accessible on the site, and future issues will be provided in this format as well.

In addition, a DIReporter mobile app can be downloaded for iOS in the Apple App Store.

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“With information being so easily accessible from one source, we see this as an excellent advertising vehicle for the industry as well,” added Alan Levine, co-owner and publisher. “News happens all the time, and as the only trade magazine in our industry, we’ve become the trusted source for the industry. We expect a very large increase in our site traffic with this new, clean approach.”

The new website offers readers the option to receive DIReporter News Briefs, a digest of relevant stories that arrive in e-mail boxes weekly, and DIReporter in a Flash, which contains outbound stories that appear as industry news happens.

“Our goal is not to flood e-mail boxes with news just for the sake of sending e-mails,” said Grossman. “We determine what we think is relevant to the industry and deliver the news based on what we believe will affect the industry either daily or weekly.”

Digital Imaging Reporter is the only business trade magazine focused exclusively on the imaging industry. The print version of the magazine, founded in 1993, publishes monthly. DIR special reports include Retailers’ Choice Awards (April), E-tailer of the Year (July), State of the Industry (September) and Dealer of the Year (December).

The website can be accessed at