The OMPT Covid-19 At-Home Initiative

The OMPT Covid-19 At-Home Initiative


Chico, CA—Matt York, the executive director of OMPT, shared an update on the organization’s efforts to respond to Covid-19 around the world. OMPT’s mission (One Mobile Projector per Trainer) is to help educate the world’s poorest billion people through low-cost video technology.

“From Chico, California, we are hard at work responding to Covid-19. As you know, we have been fighting disease and bringing prevention through video technology for over a decade now. Moreover, our experience in the field has keenly prepared us to help during this pandemic. OMPT works year-round to strengthen health systems through providing training as well as video equipment, so that when we see outbreaks like this, aid workers in underserved populations have the tools they need to respond,” York stated.

Matt-York OMPT
Matt York

The organization is in contact with its partners around the world, so it can learn how to best support them. It is also providing additional tools to help them streamline and create video communication content for Covid-19 prevention. In addition, OMPT is coordinating with future partners in Fiji and Nigeria who will utilize video to fight diseases like Covid-19.

How OMPT Is Addressing Covid-19

On the African front, in Lodwar, Kenya, OMPT just conducted a video education workshop; it equipped Africare staff with training and equipment to create video for health campaigns. As a result, Africare now has increased capacity through training and video equipment to reach underserved people with best practices and health information to help reduce the spread of disease and pandemics like Covid-19.

In addition, worldwide, the organization is creating handwashing and social distancing-related scripts and storyboards. The material is sent to its partners so they can begin creating video ASAP on these topics. Notably, these videos can help communicate best practices to slow the spread of Covid-19. OMPT-LogoWhat’s more, in the United States, OMPT is coordinating with health officials to use video and mobile projectors to reach the unsheltered population in Chico, California. The goal is to help get out important health guidance and help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

How You Can Help

“On behalf of everyone at OMPT, thank you again for continuing to follow guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and from public health officials in your own communities.

“If you are able, please consider making a difference during this time of uncertainty by supporting your neighbors near and far; whether through a gift to OMPT’s Covid-19 initiative, or through a donation to a nonprofit in your own community. We continue with grace to serve those who need us most; moreover, we look forward to a day when pandemics and poverty are but pieces of the past,” added York.