Rise Above Research Launched by Imaging Industry Veterans

Rise Above Research Launched by Imaging Industry Veterans

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Boston, MA—Ed Lee and David Haueter, market research veterans in the digital imaging and printing industries, partnered to create Rise Above Research, LLC.

The new market research and consultancy firm focuses on the digital imaging and photographic printing markets. Moreover, it is dedicated to helping imaging companies navigate current and future business challenges.

Rise Above Research is an independent market intelligence and strategic consulting firm that supports industry vendors, service providers as well as retailers.

It provides actionable intelligence to assist them in making effective decisions in the fastpaced digital photography and imaging markets.

In addition, Lee and Haueter have more than 40 years of combined industry experience working with leading industry analyst and market research firms.

Subsequently, they bring an unparalleled level of thought leadership and insight to industry manufacturers and service providers in the digital imaging market.

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Ed Lee

Manufacturers in the imaging markets are now facing new challenges presented by the recent pandemic as well as dramatic changes in the marketplace. How imaging companies respond to these challenges is vital to their future success.

Access to accurate research and actionable insights as well as advice is more important than ever for making effective decisions,said Ed Lee.

Lee and Haueter also have a vested interest in the photography market.

As photographers ourselves, we have a passion for helping imaging companies amid challenging market dynamics,said David Haueter. We see exciting opportunities arising during this time; we want to be a trusted partner to our clients and to help them succeed.”

Rise Above Research Services

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David Haueter

Furthermore, Rise Above Research offers three advisory services. The first is the Digital Imaging Advisory Service.

It examines consumer and professional digital camera markets; the mobile imaging market; as well as emerging fields such as augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

The second is the Photo Merchandise Advisory Service. This service focuses on personalized photo products. What’s more it has an emphasis on consumer behavior and trends, as well as future expectations and needs.

Finally, the Photo Printing Advisory Service covers the traditional photo print market.

The goal is to help clients consolidate research needs to a single resource while securing a team of professionals that have tracked, and in some cases created, trends in the photographic industry for the past 20 years.

In addition, Rise Above Research will offer Custom Research & Consulting. It will utilize proven research methods such as focus groups; indepth interviews; outof-box product testing; and also new market opportunity assessments.