Nanlite USA Gets New Head of Marketing

Nanlite USA Gets New Head of Marketing


North White Plains, NY—Kelly Mena, executive producer and creative director for Nanlite USA, is now the brand’s head of Marketing at MAC Group. Mena has more than a decade of experience in both content marketing and team leadership. She will apply her knowledge to expand Nanlite’s marketing.

Kelly-Mena Nanlite USA
Kelly Mena

“Kelly has always impressed me with her deep understanding of the craft; her empathy for the customers and creatives; as well as capacity for achieving business goals with style. She’s also really fun to work with,” said Matt Hill, the head of Social Media at MAC Group.

Nanlite USA Marketing Head

In her new role, Mena will lead a focused marketing team dedicated to the brand evolution and continued growth of Nanlite. She will also continue as the creative lead for both video and image production for the brand; moreover, she will ensure that all content aligns with the brand objectives.

“I’m incredibly excited to continue to work with Nanlite to expand the brand. My main goal is to represent who Nanlite is through exciting visuals and engaging marketing so we can connect genuinely with our audience,” commented Mena.

“I’m especially looking forward to working with Nanlite Global and with the very talented designers as well as marketing pros at MAC Group to create a unique experience for our customers with streamlined workflows that will help us accomplish our goals.”

Before joining MAC Group in 2019, Mena worked for B&H Photo for almost a decade. She began her career there on the Road Marketing team and expanded her skills into B&H’s internal video production team. 

In 2014, Mena became the head of B&H’s internal production team as executive producer. Subsequently, she expanded the team to meet the growing content and vendor needs of the company.

In addition, her background as a filmmaker, editor, teacher and also public speaker has increased her ability to communicate with customers and creative content audiences.