Kodak Moments Touch-Free Photo Printing at Retail Kiosks

Kodak Moments Touch-Free Photo Printing at Retail Kiosks

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Rochester, NY—A new touch-free photo printing solution was announced by Kodak Moments for its retailer partners. Kodak Moments is a global provider of photo products and services to retailers, consumers as well as entertainment properties.

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, providing a safe shopping experience for consumers is critical as retailers continue to instill in-person shopping confidence. As part of its commitment to both retail customers and their shoppers, Kodak Moments is hoping to alleviate anxieties. Consequently, it developed an alternative to contact photo print ordering.

Touch-free technology lets customers order prints with their personal device.

According to a recent study by McKinsey, 74% of consumers who used safe and contactless checkout during the early shelter-in-place periods will continue to use these features in the future. Subsequently, Kodak Moments believes contactless shopping is here to stay.

Kodak Moments Touch-Free Photo Printing

The new touch-free technology is already enabled on the company’s Kodak Moments To Go solution. Moreover, the company can retrofit it into current Kodak Moments retail products.

As a result, consumers simply scan a QR code on the kiosk screen; they then go through the ordering process on their mobile device. After they place their order, they can release their order to the kiosk for printing directly from their phone—all without having to touch the screen. Retailers handle the payment and photo fulfillment as they normally do.  Kodak-Moments-Logo

“At Kodak Moments, our number one priority and concern will always be our customers’ needs and wants,” said Scott Robinson, director, Strategic Future Products, Kodak Moments.

“Covid-19 has caused everyone to rethink how they shop and interact with solutions in-store. We remain dedicated to finding the best ways to serve consumers on their preferred pathways; this update is another testament to that.”