Mitsubishi Adds SelFone Wireless Print Station V1.6 USB Bundle

Mitsubishi Adds SelFone Wireless Print Station V1.6 USB Bundle


Cypress, CA—Mitsubishi Electric announced the SWPS V1.6 USB bundle upgrade—the USB-SWPS-UP16. The downloadable package includes a plug-n-play USB stick containing the upgrade software plus hundreds of ready-to-use frames and print templates.

The USB upgrade bundle includes frames for all types of events: from birthdays and weddings to holiday parties and school functions. Moreover, each frame is preformatted to accommodate all the photo layouts offered by the company’s SelFone Wireless Print Station.

V1.6 USB Bundle Features

New features of the upgrade software include the ability to offer downloadable as well as shareable printed photo images. In addition, Wi-Fi is now used to import saved photos. Other features are: an improved browser experience with Android OS; preview print images in Fun Print; an optional external website link connection; and support for a Spanish language user interface.

The USB bundle provides a total of 990 Fun Print and print frames. The bundled is $49.99 at

SelFone Wireless Print Station

The SelFone Wireless Print Station enables photographers to offer as well as manage wireless printing at events or venues. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to capitalize on the prints that their customers generate.

Mitsubishi_SelFone-Wireless-Print-Station V1.6 USB Bundle
Mitsubishi SelFone Wireless Print Station

The compact station is a fully self-contained system that is easy to install as well as to operate. It does not require an additional computer or cameras; and it does not need an Internet connection. Customers will also appreciate the fact there is no app to download into their phones. The SelFone Wireless Print Station connects peer-to-peer with a mobile phone through its Wi-Fi settings.

In addition, using the CP-D90DW printer, photographers can offer multiple print sizes: 2×6-inch photo strips; 4×6-inch regular or perforated photos; as well as 5×7- and 6×8-inch prints with some additional configuration.