Sigma Adds Legendary Wedding Photog as Sigma Pro Member

Sigma Adds Legendary Wedding Photog as Sigma Pro Member

WPPI 2016 Sigma Theater hosts Andy Marcus and other Sigma Pro presenters, including Jen Rozenbaum and her “Iconic Women” series debut.


Ronkonkoma, NY—Sigma Corporation of America added legendary wedding photographer Andy Marcus to its star-studded Sigma Pro program. Marcus is presenting at the 2016 WPPI conference in the Sigma Theater.

Marcus is joined by other Sigma Pro members, including Jen Rozenbaum. Rozenbaum is launching her new photo series, Shamelessly Feminine: A Modern Take on Iconic Women, at booth 521. WPPI is the premier annual convention for wedding and portrait photographers. It is being held March 7–9, 2016 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Andy Marcus

“The Sigma Pros offer a valuable resource to the photographic community. For the past six years, they have presented informative lectures, seminars and workshops to photographic groups and university students across the USA,” said Dave Metz, director of Market Support Operations, Sigma. “Andy Marcus will be a great addition to the group, with his decades-long experience in the high profile wedding market in the New York City area. Sigma is proud to give back to the photo industry with these outstanding photographers.”

Along with Marcus, Sigma Pro membership expands to nine accomplished photographers. They all personally use and educate others on the company’s cameras, lenses, flashes and accessories. Other members include Steve Chesler, Liam Doran, David FitzSimmons, Judy Host, Roman Kurywczak, Robert O’Toole and James Schmelzer.

For nearly 40 years, Marcus has built his studio’s reputation for uncompromising quality in posed portraits and photojournalistic-style wedding images. It’s this reputation along with his dedication to personal service that brings celebrity and high-end clients to his studio. Alongside his son, Brian, he has photographed the weddings of Eddie Murphy, Donald Trump, Kelsey Grammer and Mary Tyler Moore. Other clients include Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Chynna Phillips and LeBron James.

This year at WPPI, Marcus is presenting “Raise the Bar: Photographing Amazing Weddings.” In this workshop, he teaches WPPI attendees how to select the right lens to shoot stunning wedding photos and increase sales.

Jen Rozenbaum is an accomplished professional photographer who is offering two

Jen Rozenbaum

workshops at the Sigma Theater. In “Recipes for Boudoir Success,” she shares some of her favorite boudoir images and explains the steps it took to create the images. Furthermore, she walks the audience through the entire process, so attendees understand the decision-making process when choosing posing, lighting and lenses.

Also, Rozenbaum is introducing her newest collaboration with Sigma, “Shamelessly Feminine: A Modern Take on Iconic Women.”

This presentation explains the drive behind her project and her creative process in making modern images of iconic women.

More Sigma Pro Presentations

Sigma Pros Judy Host and James Schmelzer also are presenting workshops at WPPI. Host is offering two photography presentations. In “Visions of Light: Learning to Recognize Light Quality,” she teaches attendees how to build a solid understanding of light quality and lens options to help develop a unique, personal style. Her second workshop, “Grace & Balance: Understanding the Importance of Composition in Your Imagery,” teaches how lenses can add impact when using composition to convey emotion.

At the Sigma Theater at WPPI, in the Sigma Performance Studio, James Schmelzer will  hold two workshops. Schmelzer is demonstrating the techniques for his signature portraits using minimal equipment in “Fast Lens and Constant Light Solutions for Compelling Headshots.”  In addition, during his second workshop, “Creative Lens Choices and Lighting Decisions for Dramatic Glamour Photography,” attendees can watch him work his magic to create images that bring out the best features in his subjects. He shows attendees how and why choosing the right lens and lighting makes all the difference in the final images.

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