Vlad Pudovkin: #RealCamerasRock

Vlad Pudovkin: #RealCamerasRock

© Vlad Pudovkin

The September 2019 issue’s featured photographer is Vlad Pudovkin, a New York-based fashion and portrait photographer.

“My first love since childhood was aviation; so, if you told me prior to 2012 I would be engrossed in photography, I would have laughed and called you crazy,” says Pudovkin. “I’ve always said that life can take you on a path you never imagined; that is exactly what happened to me.

“My photography started because of one thing: I love food and trying new cuisines. It was natural that it began with a food blog (thehungryrussian.com). It was a blast photographing food and writing restaurant reviews; however, everything changed the day I decided to shoot something else.

“I discovered I really enjoy capturing people—in their natural element and also posed to achieve various ‘looks.’

“More important, I discovered a deep passion for vintage photography. I absolutely love to use Photoshop to transform images into time portals. The images I create not only have a nostalgic feel, but they also transport the viewer back to a long-gone era.”

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Pudovkin shot this image with a Sony Alpha 7R III and 24–70mm f/2.8 GM lens: 26mm; 1/500; sec; ISO 125. It was processed in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop CC.

You can follow Pudovkin at his website, vpvisuals.com, as well as on Instagram, www.instagram.com/vpvisuals, and Facebook, facebook.com/vpvisuals.