VUZE 3D 360º VR Camera to Debut at photokina

VUZE 3D 360º VR Camera to Debut at photokina

Consumer point-and-shoot camera with one-button stitching technology and near-real-time processing brings immersive content creation to the masses.


Jericho, NY—HumanEyes Technologies will debut VUZE, its 3D 360° VR camera at photokina on September 20–25, 2016 in Cologne, Germany. The cam uses VUZE Studio software to capture and render 3D and 2D VR content in near real time with a click of one button.

Available for preorder, VUZE is priced at $799—to make immersive content creation affordable to professional photographers and enthusiasts. Consumers need to register a preorder to secure this price and guarantee their place among the first to receive it. However, no payments will be taken until shipping.

Shipping in Q4 2016, the preorder bundle includes the camera and Studio software, a VR headset, a dedicated selfie stick and tripod, a carrying case and a newly designed handle for alternative ways to hold the device. The camera is available in red, yellow, black or blue.

The HumanEyes team will demo and discuss VUZE at photokina in Hall 9, Booth B014. This will include a firsthand look at immersive 3D content shot by the cam. Attendees can watch a VR performance of Running by the London-based band Lightscape, as well as a tour of the Niner bike factory.


photokina attendees can also win a VUZE camera by entering a daily drawing at the HumanEyes booth. In addition, CEO Shahar Bin-Nun will dive into the VR industry during a 30-minute talk on September 21 at 4:45 p.m. at the Motion Stage in Hall 5.2. He also will participate in a show & tell session on the Communities Stage in Hall 9 on September 22 at 4:15 p.m.

“We are excited to be taking orders of VUZE and believe it will help fuel the creation of immersive content, something all VR platforms are trying to encourage,” said Bin-Nun. “Current VR cameras either require advanced editing skills or in the case of other 3D solutions, demand Hollywood-type budgets. With VUZE, we are democratizing VR content creation and putting it in reach of everyday consumers.”

VUZE Features

The camera combines 3D and 2D capture technology using eight Full HD-capable cameras within a point-and-shoot form factor. It generates 4K-resolution stereoscopic, 3D 360° video. Its software, VUZE Studio, uses advances in 360° 3D content creation with proprietary stitching technology. VUZE content can be viewed on any VR platform, headset, 3D device or TV.

At a cost within reach of consumers as well as professional moviemakers and videographers, the cam is “super easy to operate,” added Bin-Num. “And the software’s ability to stitch with the touch of one button with near real-time processing (one minute of processing for one minute of footage) eliminates the need for lengthy or complicated postproduction.”

Additionally, the camera is said to offer the same level of 3D 360° quality as Nokia, Facebook or Google products. Most noteworthy, they typically use two to four cameras. And with VUZE there are no rigs or bulky equipment required to shoot.

VUZE is built on its own technology architecture and can be controlled by a dedicated iOS or Android app. Its eight Full HD cameras simultaneously capture images and videos.  Furthermore, four built-in mics capture audio to facilitate spatial audio and stereoscopic 3D 360º content.

Each camera uses lenses that capture a 120º horizontal field of view and 180º vertical field. As a result, they generate 4K 360° VR content. Its construction is also designed to “greatly reduce the effects of flare and peripheral distortion associated with ultrawide fisheye lenses.”

Additionally, the camera’s battery and removable SD card allows for up to one hour of video capture. Both can be extended with the addition of a power bank and a higher capacity SD card. One minute of RAW footage stored on-camera occupies about 1GB. And in its final stitched 4K resolution is reduced to 300MB per minute.

VUZE Studio

The VUZE Studio algorithm automatically carries out a host of complex editing and stitching functions. These include camera calibration, vignette, fisheye and perspective correction, white balance and exposure correction, as well as stereo alignment.

VUZE Studio automatically carries out complex editing and stitching functions.

Whether users are experts or editing novices, VUZE Studio was developed to make it easy to create and share high-res VR videos. Available on PC and Mac platforms, it boasts near-real-time processing and almost-seamless stitching.