GuraGear Chobe 2.0 Everyday Carry Bag

GuraGear Chobe 2.0 Everyday Carry Bag


Marina del Rey, CA—GuraGear debuted the GuraGear Chobe 2.0, which is the next iteration of its popular Chobe bag. Now fully funded on Kickstarter, the everyday carry bag is made from premium and durable materials.

GuraGear Chobe 2.0 13-inch

Trevor Peterson, GuraGear’s cofounder, averages more than 200 days on the road and 250,000 air miles a year. In 2010, he created the Chobe from his real-world experience of working remotely and needing a bag that accommodated his photography, business and everyday needs.

Now, GuraGear has updated the Chobe line to respond to the lifestyle of digital nomads and road warriors. Moreover, they took into consideration the size and form factor of today’s laptop and tablets, as well as the expanding array of cables, batteries and chargers.

Camera Insert

Notably, the company offers photo-essential camera insert accessories in two sizes for the bag. The inserts protect mirrorless or DSLR kits.

“We looked to our most devoted users for advice on how to improve this already incredibly durable and beloved product,” said Peterson. “We’re excited to share this new and enhanced version which incorporates all of the great feedback. With updates to the design and increased functionality, the Chobe 2.0 is the premier bag for an increasingly mobile generation of consumers.”

GuraGear Chobe 2.0 Features

GuraGear made the bag from weatherproof VX-21 sailcloth fabric and an outer shell of Dimension-Polyant (made in the USA). Also, with VX-42 protection, the bottom of the bag is insulated from unexpected liquid exposure.

GuraGear Chobe 2.0 16-inch

The bag also uses smooth-pulling YKK zippers on its 20 assorted storage compartments. Moreover, each compartment is designed to protect and organize gear  as well as provide easy access.

For Chobe 2.0, GuraGear also upgraded the handles to premium leather. In addition, they added a custom-fitted rain cover with precision-cut openings for the shoulder straps. Zipper expansion also provides five more liters of carrying capacity.

GuraGear Chobe 2.0 with Rain Cover

The carry bag is available in two sizes. The 13-inch Chobe handles paper-free workflows and mirrorless camera kits. The 16-inch Chobe has more carrying capacity and is for larger-format equipment.

While Kickstarter early bird pricing was $199 for the 13-inch model and $239 for the 16-inch bag (without inserts), they will retail for $249.95 and $299.95, respectively. Moreover, with a choice of a wide or narrow camera insert, they will have SRPs of $269.95 and 319.95, respectively. Both ship in May 2021.

GuraGear Chobe 2.0 13 with Camera Inserts

Award-winning wildlife photographer Andy Biggs and passionate amateur photographer and private equity professional Trevor Peterson cofounded GuraGear. The company manufacturers ultralightweight carrying solutions designed by photographers for photographers.