Lensbaby Adds OMNI Flare Expansion Pack for Creative Effects

Lensbaby Adds OMNI Flare Expansion Pack for Creative Effects


Portland, OR—Lensbaby introduced the OMNI Flare Expansion Pack for the company’s OMNI Creative Filter system. The new kit includes four handcrafted glass Effect wands; they enable photographers to establish mood using unique flare effects, from subtle to intense.

Moreover, the pack works specifically for Lensbaby’s OMNI Creative Filter system. It allows users to create images and video with dedicated Effect wands in a controllable and hands-free way.

Lensbaby OMNI Flare Expansion Pack Wands

“This set of four new OMNI system wands, handcrafted by glass artists in Portland, Oregon, puts variable flare effects, ranging from a slight kiss of visual interest to wild explosions of points of light, at your fingertips,” said Craig Strong, cofounder and chief creative officer at Lensbaby.

“From stretching light sources in a single direction with straight cylindrical and flat surfaces, to moving that light in multiple axes with bent, organically formed curves and orbs of glass, this new expansion pack provides you with limitless ways to create compelling flare in your video and still images.”

Cooper shot with Lensbaby Omni Flare Wand, by David J. Crewe

Furthermore, the OMNI system is a simple, unique solution for shooting through handheld objects. It provides control and repeatability when shooting through crystals and other objects engineered by Lensbaby. As a result, it creates distinct in-camera effects.

In addition, the professional-grade system works on existing manual and autofocus prime and zoom lenses.

OMNI Flare Expansion Pack Wands

This is the third expansion pack, along with the Crystal and Color packs, offered for the OMNI system. The OMNI Flare Expansion Pack includes the following Effect wands and filters in a custom-designed pouchLensbaby-OMNI-Flare-Pack-Sample-1

  • Anamorphic Raindrop: This wand is handcrafted with a “raindrop” at the end. Subsequently it provides selective distortion with the body of the wand making cinematic flare out of highlights.
  • Prism Flare: It enables photographers to apply a prism effect to stretched points of light; it splits them into tiny bits of rainbows that come and go when rotated.
  •  Zig-Zag: Photographers can make explosions of light while creating effects ranging from subtle to over the top. Furthermore, they do so based on the rotation and placement of the wand’s handcrafted curves.
  • Saber: Finally, shooters can brush the highlights in impressionistic reflections while varying the length of streaky flare that shortens and lengthens when rotated.

The Flare Expansion Pack is now available for a suggested retail price of $69.95. The OMNI Creative Filter system retails for $99.95. Moreover, the Color Expansion Pack sells for $69.95. The Crystal Expansion Pack also has an SRP of $69.95.