Shutterfly’s Make It a Thing Campaign Showcases New Brand Positioning

Shutterfly’s Make It a Thing Campaign Showcases New Brand Positioning


Redwood City, CA—Shutterfly launched its Make It a Thing integrated marketing campaign. The company is a leading e-commerce retail and manufacturing platform for personalized photo products.

The campaign amplifies the brand’s new positioning; showcases all that’s possible on the Shutterfly platform; as well as appeals to a broader set of consumers. Moreover, the multimillion-dollar campaign seeks to shift the paradigm from what you can make on the Shutterfly platform to the emotional benefit of creation and self-expression.

“We want to inspire and enable people to create products that reflect who they uniquely are. In our research, we found that desire for more creative self-expression is shared with our existing customer base and within a younger demographic,” said Craig Rowley, chief marketing officer, Shutterfly.

“Many consumers know Shutterfly as the pioneer in online photo sharing and personalization; now we’ve unearthed an even more powerful way to enable self-expression and help people create things with a deeper sense of meaning.”

Make It a Thing

The Make It a Thing campaign highlights the power of creativity and self-expression. It also shows how Shutterfly enables people to transform objects into meaningful, treasured items. Shutterfly Make It a Thing Shutterfly-Products-10-21

What’s more, it is the largest Shutterfly brand campaign to date. That is between the mix of content and a fully integrated media plan; across online and streaming video; and leaning into social channels. These will include Snapchat and TikTok to capture a younger target audience.

Beginning in September, Shutterfly officially kicked off a new evolution of the brand positioning with a fresh brand look-and-feel. The branding brings to life a modern color palette and illustrations, which add emphasis to product use cases. Subsequently, the Make It a Thing campaign signals the next chapter in this brand evolution.

In addition, the brand campaign comes on the heels of the recent acquisition of Spoonflower. As a result, Shutterfly is increasing the depth and breadth of what people can create, customize and buy on its platform to include wallpaper, fabric and more home décor choices.

With Spoonflower, Shutterfly is connecting more than 21 million active users to more than one million designs by independent artists in the Spoonflower global marketplace.