Tamron Youth Summer Intern Profiles on Instagram

Tamron Youth Summer Intern Profiles on Instagram


Commack, NY—Each week during the summer, Tamron USA hosted a youth summer project. The Tamron Youth Summer (Intern) Program (TYSP) gives children ages 14 to 18 a valuable opportunity to work in a corporate environment for two weeks.

Summer assignments range from filing and organizing to making marketing materials for various departments and also working on marketing projects.
Tamron-Youth-Summer-Prog-LogoNow in its second year, TYSP expanded to include engaging with Tamron’s Instagram community through a series of profiles created by each youth intern. The profiles are posted on @tamronusa.

The Summer Intern Program

Every week, the scheduled youth intern is assigned a department to profile in order to understand that department’s role in Tamron USA. He or she interviews the members of the department and uses a DSLR camera equipped with a Tamron lens to take photos they feel represent the work being done in the department.

The youth intern then composes a brief article supported by up to 10 photos that are posted on Friday to Tamron’s Instagram account.

This project benefits the youth interns as well as the company in the following ways:

•    Participants learn valuable writing, marketing and also creative arts skills.
•    Participants get a better understanding of Tamron’s products and services. They also learn how companies function in the real world.
•    New marketing content is created that can be shared with Tamron’s customers as well as dealers.

Posted ProfilesInstagram-Icon-2017

The Tamron Summer Youth program department profiles listed below are now posted at @tamronusa:

•    Marketing Department by Christina, entering her senior year of high school
•    Repair Department by Gia, entering her senior year of high school
•    Customer Service Department by Sydney, entering the junior year of high school

Moreover, upcoming profiles will include the Human Resources, Order and Accounting departments, as well as a profile of Tamron USA’s sales team. tamron-usa.com