DNP ID Photo Solutions Help Get Retail Customers Traveling Again

DNP ID Photo Solutions Help Get Retail Customers Traveling Again


Concord, NC—As many Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines lift, people are finally starting to plan trips to their top travel destinations. Moreover, with international travel on the rise, DNP Imagingcomm America believes demand for new or renewed passports will grow. Consequently, implementing ID photo solutions in a retail environment is a convenient way to enable customers to quickly get ID photos that comply with federal regulations. Furthermore, it could increase foot traffic and in-store revenue.

DNP ID Photo Booth

Today’s ID photo solutions range from a photo booth that customers can use to take their own ID photos to an all-in-one solution where store employees take and print ID photos for customers.

“Offering ID photo printing is an easy-to-manage, profitable service that any retail or grocery store can offer,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP IAM. “This is a great way for retail and grocery stores to add an additional service and revenue stream that is convenient for them to implement, manage and maintain.

“Due to increased vaccine distribution, there was a surge in demand for passports and visas, so travelers can get past borders and back with friends and family that they love and miss. By implementing this service, you are giving customers a quick and easy route to getting back to them.”

DNP ID Photo Solutions

The DNP ID photo booth allows retailers to become a destination for customers’ ID photo needs while providing increased revenue. The software in the ID and visa photo booths helps customers understand and meet International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and strict government regulations. It also may eliminate rejections and the need to retake photos.

DNP ID photo booths custom software also permits customers to choose between taking passport photos; visa photos; or just fun photos or portraits with the touch of a button.

The DNP IDW520 is an all-in-one solution. The system contains DNP’s smallest and lightest passport printer; a camera; a FlashAir card; as well as a touch-screen monitor. Everything needed is in the box. The  ID solution is also designed to simplify the ID photo process, from taking the photo, making adjustments to meeting federal regulations, and printing the image.


“DNP ID photo solutions make it easy for customers to get the perfect ID photo on the first try for their passport or visa,” the company added.  “As more and more people plan their long-awaited vacations and travel itineraries, retail and grocery stores can give them one less thing to consider with simple ways to get the ID photos they need.”